Second International Conference Nonviolent Resistance

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Second International Conference Nonviolent Resistance

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1090 Jette - Belgium
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Opvang   Lorentzhuis

International speakers will address the new trends in research and practice of Nonviolent Resistance:


Prof. Dr. Haim Omer

Idan Amiel

Iris Sachar

Irit Schorr-Sapir

Dr. Ifat Levavi

Dan Dolberger

Yaara Shimshoni


Great Britain:

Dr. Peter Jakob


Michael Grabbe


The Netherlands:

Dr. Hans Bom

Eliane Wiebenga

Dr. Nick Goddard &

Kirsten van Gink

Lenny Rodenburgh &

Henk Breugem

Frans Duintjer

De Banjaard

Ber van der Stegen



Frank Van Holen

Prof. Dr. Vanderfaeillie

Prof. Dr. Annik Lampo

Paul Meganck

Jan Hoet

Mies de Cock

Invited Speakers

Haim Omer




Haim Omer was born in Brazil in 1949, the son of Holocaust survivors. He emigrated to Israel in 1967.  In his work with parents, schools and communities he developed the sequence of concepts of “parental presence”, “non-violent resistance”, “the new authority” and “the anchoring function”.  These four concepts constitute an integrative model of parenting, particularly relevant for the parents of aggressive and self-destructive children, or of children with anxiety problems.  Recently, he has broadened the model for helping the parents of mal-functioning adults.  He lives in Israel and teaches at Tel-Aviv University . He has five children (and ten grandchildren).  In one of his books he thanked his children for having taught him most of what he knows about parental helplessness.

Idan Amiel


Idan Amiel is a clinical psychologist and director of the parents' counseling unit in the Schneider Children's Medical Center , Israel . Over the past decade he has been a key professional in developing the concepts of NVR and New Authority and now guides the professional NVR team in Israel . In order to promote the New Authority concept Idan established the New Authority Center in Israel as well as an internet website to aid professionals interested in sharing and promoting the NVR concept.

Iris Shachar Lavie

is a psychologist and a doctoral student in Bar Ilan University , studying the impact of internet use on children and adolescents; more specifically, exploring the opportunities and risks of computer meditated communication for socially anxious adolescents. She has been a member of the Israeli parent’s counselling unit for the past 5 years, and assisted in the development of the “Vigilant Care” concept as part of Prof. Omers’ New Authority model. Iris has formulated a model of “Vigilant Care” specifically targeted at children’s internet use, as well as an intervention program for parents’ whose children exhibit computer over-use (otherwise known as internet addiction).

Irit Schorr-Sapir

is a clinical psychologist. She is the director of the ADHD-NVR clinic in the Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel. Irit has been working closely with Prof. Omer for the past 10 years.  Together with Prof. Omer she has published an NVR treatment model for violence between siblings. Irit also developed a treatment for school refusal and is considered an expert in this field. She is considered a senior supervisor of the NVR and NA methods.

Ifat Lavi-Levavie


Dr Ifat Lavi-Levavi is a psychologist working in the department of child and adolescent psychiatry in Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Israel . Her doctoral dissertation, under the supervision of Prof. H. Omer, investigated the effects of the Non Violent Resistance therapy (NVR) on parent- child escalation processes. She was the deputy head of the parent counseling unit in the Schneider hospital. She led NVR trainings for phone supporters and for therapists from different countries, and developed adaptations of NVR for different areas, such as eating disorders, diabetes, managers and organizational counseling.

Dan Dolberger


Dan Dolberger is a psychologist and family therapist specializing in NVR interventions. Dan is founder and director of a clinic focusing on NVR-oriented research and intervention development in adult Entitled Dependence. Dan's former career include executive positions in several Israeli hi-tech companies. Previous to that Dan filled reporting and editorial positions in several Israeli newspapers. Dan holds an MA degree in Social Psychology from the Tel Aviv University .


Yaara Shimshoni


Yaara is a psychologist and a doctoral student in Tel Aviv University , studying the impact parents may have on teen driving. More specifically, in collaboration with Prof. Omer, she has formulated a model of "Vigilant Care" specially targeted at improving parental involvement in teen driving. The influence of this model on the safety levels of teen driving is currently being researched. Additionally, Yaara is interning as a child clinical psychologist at Hilel yaffe Hospital , Israel .

Peter Jakob


Dr Peter Jakob is a consultant clinical psychologist and systemic family therapist in the British National Health Service. He is also Director of ‘PartnershipProjects UK Ltd’, a training consultancy for systemic work in multi-agency contexts. Peter has over 28 years of experience working with multi-stressed families who struggle with issues such as child abuse and violence. Having introduced NVR to the United Kingdom , he has developed child- focused ways of using the approach for young people with unmet psychological needs. Peter presents nationally and internationally on NVR and systemic ways of working in difficult contexts.



Michael Grabbe

Michael Grabbe, Melle/Osnabrück

Psychologist.  Psychotherapist with a private practice. Teacher of Yoga (KYM Madras )

Trainer at the Weinheim Institute (IF-W) for psychotherapy, counseling, and supervision in Germany , teaching Parental and professional presence and nonviolent resistance.

Former vice-president of German Systemic Society (SG), Berlin .

Eliane Wiebenga

Eliane Wiebenga is clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, specialised in familytherapy and parent-counseling. For many years she worked in a children’s psychiatric hospital in the Netherlands. Since 2000 she is working in the Lorentzhuis, Institute for systemic therapy, consultation and education in Haarlem, Netherlands, as therapist, teacher, consultant and supervisor (

Hans Bom



Hans Bom, Phd is clinical psychologist and family therapist. He worked many years as therapist and teamleader in the Netherlands in the field of child psychiatry and mentally disabled children and adults. Nowadays he is working in the Lorentzhuis, Institute for systemic therapy, consultation and education in Haarlem, Netherlands, as consultant, therapist, teacher and supervisor (



Nick Goddard & Kirsten Van Gink




Dr Nick Goddard – Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist  and Kirsten van Gink – Senior Therapist, work on an acute psychiatric ward for adolescents, De Bascule, Amsterdam , Netherlands .

Over the last  three years we have adapted NVR for use on a psychiatric ward, using the principles of NVR and where necessary modifying them to suit the structure of a ward setting. An important principle is improving the presence of parents on the ward and changing the vision of the ward team. NVR has helped decrease aggressive incidents on the ward an also on other ward settings.

Henk Breugem & Lenny Rodenburgh 



Since 2004 Henk Breugem has been working as a relational and family therapist at Molemann Mental Health in Almere, the Netherlands . He used to work as a social worker in institutions, such as RIAGGs, a medical toddler day-care centre, youth protection services, foster care and a psychotherapeutic treatment group for young adults.

Lenny Rodenburg is a clinical psychologist and relational and family therapist at Molemann Mental Health in Almere, the Netherlands . Lenny also works as a supervisor in Mental Health training. She used to work in the fields of child rehabilitation, ‘Integrale Vroeghulp’(comprehensive early intervention), and Child and Youth Psychiatry.

Since 2007 Henk and Lenny apply Haim Omer’s methodology in their work. They trained in Israel and assisted in translating the book “New Authority”.

Mies De Cock & Frans Duintjer



  Mies de Cock, child and youth psychologist,  has been working  as a process manager at Wingerdbloei, a Child Welfare organisation in Antwerp , Belgium , since 2007.

Before that, from 1989, Mies de Cock worked as a psychodynamic and systemic psychotherapist at Andante, a Mental Health Centre for children and adolescents in Antwerp , Belgium .

Frans Duintjer, psychologist and family therapist, has a private practice in Amsterdam , the Netherlands . Previously, he has been a board member and chair of the advisory committee on education of the Dutch Association for Relational and Family Therapy (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Relatie- en Gezinstherapie, NVRG).


De Banjaard


 The Banjaard is a Multidisciplinary Clinic for children and adolescents between 4 and 19 years of age with a psychiatric disorder and an Intelligence Quotient ranging from 55 to 85 (Borderline Intelligent functioning and Mild Mental Retardation DSM IV). 

The workshop will be presented by C. Laernoes (family therapist), N. Van Ooijen (at-home therapist), and W. Dirks (at-home therapist).

Ber van der Stegen



works as a healthcare psychologist and is manager of the ASS & Psychosis careline at De Bascule, an academic centre for Child and Youth Psychiatry in Amsterdam . After working in the clinical practice of Child and Youth Psychiatry for a few years, Ber started working as a practitioner in different managerial and departmental positions. He has a special interest in exploring the cooperation between Youth Mental Health Care services and other sectors, and in developing a specific aggression policy.  The past four years Ber has been running the NVR project in De Bascule.

Frank Van Holen

is a clinical psychologist and family therapist. He is Head of Department of the foster care facility ‘Opvang’ in Brussels . He has a special interest in the development and implementation of support programmes for foster parents who take care of children with serious behavioural and emotional problems.


Johan Vanderfaeillie


is professor at the Vrije Universiteit, Brussel, in the Department Clinical and Lifespan Psychology. His research concentrates on youth care and the education of sick children. He has a special interest in foster care.


Annik Lampo


is a child psychiatrist and head of the infant, child and adolescent psychiatric ward of the University Hospital of Brussels. Special interests include attachment problems, adoption, working in family context. She is convinced that all things influence each other and that only a holistic approach can bring relief to the many problems and sufferings of children and parents in a child psychiatric context.


Paul Meganck


After working for over two decades as a social worker in residential settings for troubled youth, he went on specializing in consultancy, management training and individual coaching for top level managers in both government and (inter)national companies. Thirteen years later he brought his expertise back to the social sector, becoming the internal consultant/trainer in Wingerdbloei.

Jan Hoet


is a psychologist and psychotherapist. He was trained in systemic and contextual therapy. He is lecturer, supervisor and coordinator of the ‘Contextual Therapy’ training of ‘Leren Over Leven’ in Antwerp . He is a board member of the Belgian Association for Relational and Family Therapy and Systemic Intervention (BVRGS).