Second International Conference Nonviolent Resistance

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Second International Conference Nonviolent Resistance

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New Trends in Nonviolent Resistance “Between New Authority and Attachment”

For social workers, clinicians, therapists, counselors, staff in child welfare, professionals in education, and everyone who takes an interest in the adjustment and wellbeing of children and adolescents.

Over the past 15 years Professor Haim Omer and his team developed an effective approach for children with aggressive and self-destructive behaviour.
It is inspired by the socio-political sphere, in which Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King preached "nonviolent resistance" in their struggle for equality and justice. Nonviolent resistance helps parents to overcome their anger and helplessness, to break the cycle of escalations and to reach out to their children in a determined, but strictly nonviolent way.
It helps them to restore a form of authority, described as the ‘New Authority’ (NA) based on focused attention, presence, proximity, and interest and characterized by the (re)inclusion of "vigilant care".
Nonviolent Resistance and New Authority offer parents, teachers and other authority figures ways to provide both ‘love’ and ‘leadership’, to respond sensitively to a child’s signals and needs, and at the same time provide structure and respectful leadership. Haim Omer offers a unique understanding of authority in modern society.
Furthermore, by using the metaphor of the ‘Anchoring Function’ he lays a bridge with the attachment theory. Nowadays we realise that attachment is not only about responsiveness and protection, but also about setting limits without losing contact. Those ideas inspired many people in various countries to implement and adapt Nonviolent Resistance and New Authority for a growing range of problems (anxiety, ADHD, internet addiction, school refusal, etcetera) and in different settings (families, schools, child psychiatry, children looked after in residential and foster care, etcetera).
At this international conference new developments will be presented by Haim Omer and his associates. Furthermore experts from different countries will present their experiences with the various applications of Non Violent Resistance and New Authority.